Attend @ Faith

Ballot to attend a physical Holy Communion Service! Ballots close three days before each Service. Please check the Status tab two days before the Service whether you have successfully obtained your entry pass(es).

For more details and FAQs, visit


A maximum of four (4) entry passes can be requested under each valid mobile number. Infants, toddlers, and children each require his/her own entry pass.

Important Notes:

- Admission to our physical Church Services is by entry pass only.

You will need to present your entry pass and SafeEntry check-in to our temperature screeners before entry.

Please do not come to church if:

  • You have not successfully balloted for your entry pass.
  • Your body temperature is >37.5C and/or you have acute respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, loss of smell/taste, runny nose).
  • You are on QO/SHN/LOA or have had contact with any current COVID-19 patients.

- Entry to church will be via the pedestrian side gate (near taxi stand) only, and exit via the Tanglin Halt gate. Please adhere strictly to this flow to avoid cross-mingling.

- No parking in church. Please park in the neighbouring HDB carparks.


You have not registered for any ballots as yet.